Returning consignments

Simply effortless Return parcels easily

Manage your returns easily in no time at all.

Pack the goods, affix the shipping label and have the parcel collected by Swiss Post free of charge at your home or at an address of your choice.

Here’s how it works Done in 4 steps

It is this easy to send your parcel back to a mail-order company:
  1. Pack the goods well: Use the original packaging. Enclose the return form from the mail-order company.
  2. Affix the shipping label: Stick the shipping label (business reply item label or with barcode number received from the mail-order company onto the package.
  3. Register for collection: Register your parcel for collection online via the Post-App. To do this, you need to be registered for “My Post”.
  4. Make the parcel available for collection

Of course, you can also drop off your parcels at one of our 2,800 acceptance points (Swiss Post branch, My Post 24).


I want to return a parcel now

It’s this easy With the Post-App for smartphones

With the Post-App, ordering a parcel collection is even more convenient. Simply scan the barcode number with the Post-App scanner, request a collection, prepare the parcel for collection. Done.

Register for “My Post” now
And you’re ready for the next return

When you have registered with “My Post”, we will simply collect your parcels at your front door on request.

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